Concurrences and Colonial Encounters – Methodology for Multiple Histories Gunlög Fur, Linnaeus University

Monday, February 20, 2017 - 3:00pm to 5:00pm
Carr 229

Join us for a groundbreaking conversation on expanding our methodological horizons through engagement with Native American and Scandinavian immigrant communities in North America. 

The Linnaeus University Centre: Concurrences in Colonial and Postcolonial Studies seeks to contribute to the development of new postcolonial methodologies through exploring the richness of concurrences as both a topic and a method. In focusing on this concept, we recognize that many events may happen simultaneously but not necessarily dependently, and that multiple interpretations of these events may exist in both contradictory and complementary fashion. To focus on concurrences is to recognize the different ways in which various epistemic communities may develop concurrent claims on reality without necessarily engaging with one another. Our questions come from dissatisfaction with the limits of modern western knowledge regimes, despite its often universalist claims. But we also recognize our own situatedness within that very system. This presentation aims to present the outlines of ideas concerning concurrences and connect them to historical colonial encounters in North America and Northern Scandinavia. 

Co-sponsored by the Humanities Futures Initiative @ the Franklin Humanities Institute.

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