Military History

Military History at Duke is part of a collaborative graduate program that brings together the Duke and UNC faculty and students.  Far from engaging in any policing of disciplinary boundaries, we recognize the rich and ever-growing diversity of approaches and methods that have come to characterize the study of the military, war and society. Our research interests encompass approaches from political, diplomatic and institutional history as well as economic, social, cultural and gender history. Studies of armed conflicts, transformations of warfare, gender relations in combat, male and female combatants and non-combatants, violence against civilian populations, and processes of militarization inform different aspects of our research and course thematics. 
Several associated programs support the graduate program at Duke. The monthly inter-university seminar “The History of the Military, War, and Society” brings together all interested scholars from the triangle area and beyond.  Open to faculty and students, the seminar makes a major contribution to graduate training by offering advanced Ph.D. candidates an opportunity both to engage with the work by leading specialists in the field and to present their work in progress.  The Triangle Institute for Security Studies (TISS) is a network of faculty at Triangle colleges and universities in nearly a dozen different disciplines who share an interest in national and international security, broadly defined. TISS sponsors speakers, seminars, conferences, and outreach to local and regional communities. Duke University Law School's Center on Law, Ethics, and National Security promotes teaching, research, and publication on national security law, with an emphasis on national security decision-making from an ethical perspective.

Duke Faculty

Military, warfare, militarization, geopolitics
U.S. Civil War history, women and war
Medicine, epidemiology, Civil War
Modern Russia, World War II, militarization, male/female combatant identities, gender policies/gender relations in the military
World War I, African Americans and war, war and society
Imperial Russia, terrorism
Early modern European war, culture, gender
Aztec warfare, sexuality and conquest

UNC Faculty

William Barney
Social and political history of nineteenth-century America
Christopher Browning
Modern German history; Holocaust studies
Joseph Glatthaar
American military history; Civil War
Karen Hagemann
Modern German and European history of military and war (18-20 C.); cultural and gender history of the nation, the military, and war
Richard Kohn
U.S. military history, civil-military relations
Wayne Lee
Revolutionary America , military history
Roger Lotchin
Urban political history, 1800 to the present; the American West
Terence McIntosh
Early modern Europe
Fred Naiden
Ancient Greece -- especially social history, ancient history
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