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History Major Jack Harrington wins Lowell Aptman Prize

Jack Harrington been awarded the Lowell Aptman Prize for Duke Undergraduate 3rd and 4th year researchers.  Jack's essay, "In The Empire’s Back-Yard: The Radicalization of Public Opinion In Ireland and its Impact on the Anglo-Irish War...

McKenzie Cook wins Lowell Aptman Prize

McKenzie Cook won the Lowell Aptman Prize for her research essay "World War I and the London Theater," which she wrote as a sophomore in Prof. Kristen Neuschel's seminar, "Living Through the Great War." The essay considers literature...

History PhD student, Travis Knoll wins scholarship

Third-year History student Travis Knoll has won a Religions and Public Life Graduate Scholarship, $1500, for international research this year. He will also participate in an interdisciplinary monthly ...

Gray F. Kidd Awarded Fulbright-Hays Fellowship

Gray F. Kidd was awarded a Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Fellowship for his project “Retreat from the Big House? Sociability, Race, & the Politics of ‘Culture’ in Recife, 1958-1987.”

His dissertation deals with the evolving dynamics of interclass and...

Ashley Young "Serving Up Food History at the Smithsonian"

History PhD Candidate, Ashley Young, writes blog, "Serving Up Food History at the Smithsonian" about her internship this past summer.  The internship was sponsored by the Versatile...

Eladio Bobadilla writes op-ed on DACA

History PhD student, Eladio Bobadilla's op-ed titled "Don't end DACA, pass comprehensive reform" was published in the Herald Sun.


Prof. Prasenjit Duara receives Honorary Doctorate

Congratulations to Prasenjit Duara for his most recent honor on September 1, 2017!  Prasenjit received an honorary doctorate from the University of Oslo - a wonderful recognition of his many contributions to the understanding of history.