Katharine B. Dubois
  • Katharine B. Dubois

  • Visiting Assistant Professor
  • History
  • 111 Carr Building
  • Campus Box 90719
  • Phone: (919) 684-2307
  • Fax: 919-681-7670
  • Office Hours: Mondays 3-5:00PM, and by appointment
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Overview

    Medieval saints, sanctity, pilgrimage, penance, Christian religious belief and ritual, gender, sexuality, charity. Geographical interests: Rome, western Mediterranean.
  • Bio

    Katharine Dubois is a Fulbright and an American Academy in Rome Fellow, and a former Mellon scholar. Her research focused on penitential pilgrimage, devotional practices, and foreign communities in late-medieval Rome. Currently she teaches courses on medieval Christianity, gender and sexuality. As Katharine Ashe, she is an award winning, best selling author of historical romance.
  • Specialties

    • Medieval and Early Modern History
    • Cultural History
    • Gender
    • Women, Gender and Sexuality
  • Research Summary

    Saints, sanctity, pilgrimage, penance, Christian religious belief and ritual, gender, charity. Geographical interests: Rome, western Mediterranean.
  • Research Description

    My research interests include religious belief and practice in late-medieval Latin Christendom, especially penance, pilgrimage, penitential devotion, saints' cults, and relics. My book, Pilgrimage and Pilgrims in Late-Medieval Rome (Ashgate Press, forthcoming), traces the early history of the Roman Jubilee, a year-long celebration of penitential pilgrimage to the city's most ancient shrines. I'm particularly interested in fourteenth and fifteenth-century notions of charity, charitable institutions, and the understanding of spiritual community that bound the living and the dead.
  • Current Projects

    Pilgrimage to Rome, penance and penitential devotion, charity, violence and religious justifications for war
  • Areas of Interest

    History of religion, gender and sexuality in the Middle Ages
    Social, political and cultural history of the British Empire
  • Education

      • PhD,
      • History,
      • University of Michigan,
      • 2001
      • BA,
      • Duke University,
      • 1989
  • Awards, Honors and Distinctions

      • Fintz Excellence in Teaching Award,
      • Center for Integrative Studies in the Arts and Humanities, Michigan State University,
      • March, 2007
      • John Tracy Ellis Award - Honorable Mention,
      • Catholic Historical Association,
      • April, 1998
      • Chester P. Middlesworth Award,
      • Perkins Library, Duke University,
      • May, 1989
  • Recent Publications

      • Katharine B. Dubois (writing as Katharine Ashe).
      • Eight novels and four novella length works of fiction.
      • HarperCollins Publishers,
      • 2010 - 2013.
      • [web]
      • K.B. Dubois.
      • "Encyclopedia entry: "Roman Jubilee"."
      • Encyclopedia of Medieval Pilgrimage.
      • Ed. Thomas Izbiki.
      • The Netherlands:
      • Brill Academic Publishers,
      • 2008.
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  • Teaching

    • RELIGION 261.01
      • Carr 114
      • M 06:15 PM-08:45 PM
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