Africa & the Middle East

These courses count towards both the Area of History and Concentration requirements for the major. See requirements of the Major.

Course Number Title Curriculum Codes
HISTORY 187S Gateway Seminar: Political Culture in Africa CCI, CZ, R, W
HISTORY158S Gateway Seminar: Islam and Nationalism CCI, CZ, R, SS, W
HISTORY190S-01 Slavery in Africa: History, Memory, and Methodology CZ, R, W
HISTORY 294 Jews and Muslims, Judaism and Islam CCI, CZ, EI
HISTORY 323 China And The Silk Roads CCI, CZ
HISTORY204 Modern Africa CCI, CZ, SS
HISTORY205 Health and Healing in Africa CCI, CZ, SS, STS
HISTORY207 Humanitarianism in Africa CCI, CZ, EI
HISTORY208 South African History, 1870 to the Present CCI, CZ, EI, SS
HISTORY209 Islam in Central Eurasia CCI, CZ, SS
HISTORY210 Islamic Civilization I CCI, CZ, EI
HISTORY211 Islamic Civilization II CCI, CZ, EI
HISTORY212 The Turks: From Ottoman Empire to European Union ALP, CCI, CZ, EI, R
HISTORY213 Representing the Middle East CCI, CZ, SS
HISTORY214 The Modern Middle East CCI, CZ
HISTORY249 The Crusades to the Holy Land CCI, CZ, R
HISTORY450S Capstone Seminar: 20th-Century South Africa Through Biography and Autobiography CCI, CZ, R, W
HISTORY451S Capstone Seminar: History of Zionism and the State of Israel CCI, CZ, EI, R, SS
HISTORY453S Capstone Seminar: Imperialism and Islamism CZ, R, SS
HISTORY455S Capstone Seminar: Palestine and Arab-Israeli Conflict CCI, CZ, EI, R
HISTORY490S-02 Capstone Seminar: Violence in Africa's History CZ, EI, R, SS, W
HISTORY502S Japan Since 1945 CCI, CZ, R
HISTORY503 Research Methods in Japanese (B) CCI, SS