Europe & Russia

Course Number Title Curriculum Codes
HISTORY 156S Gateway Seminar: Cold War America CCI, CZ, EI, R, SS
HISTORY 186S Gateway Seminar: Living Through the Great War CCI, CZ, R, W
HISTORY111D Europe to the Eighteenth Century CCI, CZ, W
HISTORY112D Europe from the Eighteenth Century CCI, CZ
HISTORY117 Early Modern Europe CCI, CZ, SS, STS
HISTORY170S Gateway Seminar: Male and Female Soldiers in the World Wars CCI, CZ, R
HISTORY176S Gateway Seminar: The European Union CCI, CZ, R, SS
HISTORY190S-02 Gateway Seminar: History of Science CCI, CZ, STS
HISTORY 250 Green Germany CCI, CZ, EI, SS, STS
HISTORY 255 German History Through Film ALP, CZ, EI
HISTORY209 Islam in Central Eurasia CCI, CZ, SS
HISTORY212 The Turks: From Ottoman Empire to European Union ALP, CCI, CZ, EI, R
HISTORY216S Between Moscow, Beijing and Delhi: Narratives of Europe and Asia CCI, CZ, R, SS
HISTORY230 Greek History CCI, CZ
HISTORY231 Ancient Athletics ALP, CCI, CZ
HISTORY232S Special Studies in Greek History CZ
HISTORY233 Roman History CCI, CZ, W
HISTORY234 Democracy: Ancient and Modern CCI, CZ, EI, SS
HISTORY235S Special Studies in Roman History CZ
HISTORY236 Ancient Science and Technology CZ, STS
HISTORY237 Cities and City Life in Italy ALP, CCI, CZ
HISTORY238A Rome: History of the City ALP, CCI, CZ
HISTORY241 Medieval Cultures ALP, CCI, CZ
HISTORY242 Medieval Christendom, Conflict CCI, CZ, EI
HISTORY243 History of the Christian Church CCI, CZ, EI
HISTORY244 Medieval Christianity in Film and Fiction ALP, CCI, CZ, EI
HISTORY245 Europe Before The Crusades CCI, CZ
HISTORY247 British Isles in the Middle Ages CCI, CZ, EI
HISTORY249 The Crusades to the Holy Land CCI, CZ, R
HISTORY251 Jewish History, 1492 to the Present CCI, CZ, EI, SS
HISTORY252 History of Medieval and Renaissance Italy ALP, CZ
HISTORY253 Dante's Divine Comedy: Hell, Purgatory and Paradise ALP, CCI, CZ, EI
HISTORY254 The Expansion of Medieval Europe CCI, CZ
HISTORY256 The History of the Renaissance in Europe 1250-1550 CZ, W
HISTORY257 Reformation Europe CCI, CZ
HISTORY258 Protestant Traditions CZ, EI
HISTORY259 The Reformation of the Sixteenth Century CCI, CZ, EI
HISTORY260 Magic, Religion, and Science since 1400 CCI, CZ, EI, STS
HISTORY260D Magic, Religion, and Science since 1400. CCI, CZ, EI, STS
HISTORY261 Germany Confronts Nazism and the Holocaust ALP, CCI, CZ, EI
HISTORY264D The History of Emotions CCI, CZ, R, W
HISTORY265 Madness and Society in Historical Perspective CCI, SS, STS
HISTORY267D The Enlightenment: A Social, Cultural, and Intellectual Survey CCI, CZ, W
HISTORY268 Classics of Western Civilization: The German Tradition, 1750-1930 ALP, CCI, CZ
HISTORY269 Tudor/Stuart Britain CZ, R, W
HISTORY270 Britain and the British Empire in the Age of the American Revolution ALP, CCI, CZ, EI, R
HISTORY271 Modern Britain CCI, CZ, W
HISTORY273S The Spanish Civil War: History, Literature, and Popular Culture ALP, CZ, EI, FL, R
HISTORY274D Global France ALP, CCI, CZ, EI
HISTORY275 Imperial Russia 1700-1917 CCI, CZ, SS
HISTORY276 From Tsars to Commissars: Russian Cultural History CZ
HISTORY277 Tolstoy and the Russian Experience ALP, CCI, CZ, EI
HISTORY278S Nationalism and Exile CCI, CZ, R
HISTORY281 Russian Revolutionary Cinema CCI, CZ
HISTORY282 End of Russian Socialism: History of Perestroika CCI, CZ, EI, SS
HISTORY283 Putin's Russia: The History of Economic and Political Consolidation CCI, CZ, EI, SS
HISTORY286 Europe in the Twentieth Century CCI, CZ
HISTORY288 German Way of War CCI, CZ, EI, SS
HISTORY289 Weimar and Nazi Germany CZ, R
HISTORY295 World War II and French Film CCI, CZ, EI, FL, R
HISTORY302 Rise of Modern Science: Early Science through Newton CZ, STS, W
HISTORY303 Rise of Modern Science: Eighteenth to the Twentieth Century CZ, STS, W
HISTORY304 Rise of Modern Science: Twentieth Century CZ, STS, W
HISTORY312 Europe's Colonial Encounter, 1492-1992 CCI, CZ, EI
HISTORY313 Crime and the City from Dickens to The Wire ALP, CCI, EI, SS
HISTORY387S Francophone Literature ALP, CCI, FL
HISTORY411S Historicizing Whiteness CCI, CZ, EI, R, SS
HISTORY459S Capstone Seminar: Sex, Celibacy, and Purity in the Middle Ages CCI, CZ, EI, R
HISTORY460S Capstone Seminar: The Black Death and Medieval Society CCI, CZ, EI, R
HISTORY462S Capstone Seminar: Heresy and Inquisition in the Middle Ages CCI, CZ, R, W
HISTORY463S Capstone Seminar: Medieval Communities CCI, CZ, EI, R
HISTORY466S Capstone Seminar: The Militarization of the Western World CCI, CZ, R, SS
HISTORY467S Capstone Seminar: Russia-USSR-Russia: History of Communism CCI, CZ, EI, R, SS
HISTORY505S Race, Class, and Gender: A Social History of Modern (1750-present) Britain CCI, CZ, EI, SS
HISTORY516 The Roman Republic CCI, CZ, R
HISTORY519S The Society and Economy of Europe, 1400 - 1700 CCI, CZ, R
HISTORY523S Religion and Society in the Age of the Reformation CZ, R
HISTORY532S Fin-de-siècle and Interwar Vienna: Politics, Society, and Culture CCI, CZ, R, SS
HISTORY535S The Russian Intelligentsia and the Origins of the Revolution CZ, R
HISTORY536S The Russian Revolution CZ, R
HISTORY537S Post War Europe, 1945-1968: Politics, Society, and Culture CCI, CZ, EI, SS, STS