Medicine, Science & Technology

Investigates medical practices and the medical profession, scientific ideas, and new technologies.

Course Number Title Curriculum Codes
HISTORY89S-02 (Visual) Culture of Chinese Medicine CZ, SS, STS, W
HISTORY 185S Gateway Seminar: Premodern Disease CCI, CZ
HISTORY113D Introduction to the History of Medicine, Science and Technology CZ, STS
HISTORY184S Gateway Seminar: China at War CZ, W
HISTORY190S-02 Gateway Seminar: History of Science CCI, CZ, STS
HISTORY 239 History of Chinese Medicine CCI, CZ, STS, W
HISTORY205 Health and Healing in Africa CCI, CZ, SS, STS
HISTORY236 Ancient Science and Technology CZ, STS
HISTORY260 Magic, Religion, and Science since 1400 CCI, CZ, EI, STS
HISTORY260D Magic, Religion, and Science since 1400. CCI, CZ, EI, STS
HISTORY302 Rise of Modern Science: Early Science through Newton CZ, STS, W
HISTORY303 Rise of Modern Science: Eighteenth to the Twentieth Century CZ, STS, W
HISTORY304 Rise of Modern Science: Twentieth Century CZ, STS, W
HISTORY368 History of Evolution and Society CCI, CZ, SS, STS, W
HISTORY369 History of Public Health in America CZ, R, STS
HISTORY370 Twentieth-Century American Medicine CCI, CZ, SS, STS
HISTORY371 Food In Global History CCI, CZ, SS, STS
HISTORY372 Abortion in American Culture CCI, CZ, EI, R, SS
HISTORY390S-01 Topics in Digital History & Humanities: NC Jukebox ALP, CZ, R
HISTORY460S Capstone Seminar: The Black Death and Medieval Society CCI, CZ, EI, R
HISTORY464S Capstone Seminar: Geopolitics of War and Empire in the Modern World CZ, R, SS
HISTORY532S Fin-de-siècle and Interwar Vienna: Politics, Society, and Culture CCI, CZ, R, SS
HISTORY577S Historical and Philosophical Perspectives on Science CZ, STS