Jordan Jackson, B.A. 2007

Associate Attorney, Spencer Fane

2007 Major: History and Sociology

How has being a History graduate from Duke helped shape your professional success?

"It has helped me get interviews and opportunities I otherwise would not have. I received my first job offer without even applying because of the Duke name. I applied to one company that was not hiring but decided to interview because of my academics. As they were not hiring, I did not get he position but the individual I interviewed with met a partner on a flight. They got to talking and the partner said he was looking for an associate. The person I interviewed with told the partner about me, my education and that they would have liked to hire me but just did not have a need. The partner contacted me, offered me an interview and I got the job. It was an excellent opportunity and I would not have received either interviews nor the offer without the Duke degree."

What advice would you give students in History?

"Enjoy and utilize the opportunity to learn and explore your interests. You have access to resources that will not always be available. Use them, even if they at not necessary for classes. Also, keep an open mind and engage with ideas that you may not agree with or make you uncomfortable. Your mind may change, but more likely, it will help you better understand your own and better argue your points. Most importantly, if you truly engage and explore them, you might not agree with them but will have an appreciation and understanding of the other side."

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