Luke Constable

Founder & Managing Member, Lembas Capital – San Francisco, CA

2011 Graduate in History


Currently: Founder & Managing Member, Lembas Capital – San Francisco, CA


How has being a History graduate from Duke helped shape your professional success?

The skillset of sifting through primary sources, testing their validity, and piecing together a perspective has never been more important than it is today. It is broadly applicable wherever you find unstructured problems, be it in academia, politics, or business.


What advice would you give students in History?

Choose your own topics outside of class, and treat them like a research project. Map out the existing perspectives. Read the secondary sources, then mine the bibliographies to find the primary sources. Find and interview anyone with firsthand experience. This approach led me down the path to starting my own investment fund, and I know many other History majors who have followed the same way toward founding their own organizations.


I’d also recommend asking people directly for advice – the world is surprisingly open, if you just ask. If you have any interest in learning about applying your skillset to investing, you can find me via my website or online.

Luke Constable