Capstone Seminar: Globalization and Development: China and India


“Globalization” a shorthand for describing the period of extraordinary change that we are living through, our lives & our world defined by the internet & rapid mass communication, great wealth & remarkable levels of consumption and yet, also unprecedented polarization between the have & have-not parts of society and of the world, the emergence of E-Waste and toxic environments as by-products of the present, and the transformation of women’s work and the cityscape at night through work at call centers. Some part or the other of the megacities now “never sleep”: this is a new phase in human history, with exceptional challenges to health and human well-being emerging in its wake.

Topics include: how the making of a T-shirt can link lives from Texas to Mali to China; the question of Asian manufacture and the controversial linkages with the Democratic Republic of Congo for minerals such as coltan for microprocessor chip manufacturing; the demands of urbanization in China and India, and a look at the politics of water and the environmental challenges ahead.  The final segment of the course covers women workers in China and S. Korea, and at call centers in India: in sum, the gendered and spatial politics of urbanization.

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Economic and Business Cultures, Human Rights and Social Movements, Women, Gender and Sexuality


Asia, Global and Comparative