Capstone Seminar: Geopolitics of War and Empire in the Modern World


This course examines the pursuit of military force, war, and empire and the making of global politics across the past two centuries. Focusing on the ever-changing global world of military politics, geopolitical confrontation, and imperial rivalry, our explorations will begin with the French Revolution and the rise of Napoleon, then range from the wars of nation, industry, and empire in the mid-nineteenth century to the intercontinental great power wars and Cold War confrontations of the twentieth century, concluding with a look at twenty-first century geopolitics in an increasingly globalized age. We will pay special attention to the strategies of global ordering and power projection pursued by the political and military elites of the major powers in an age of war, empire, and globalization. 
Students will write a research paper on a topic of their choice that explores either a key geopolitical event or development (such as a war, an arms race, a particular antagonism, etc.), or a national pursuit of grand strategy and military force.
Professor Andrew Byers
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Theme (Concentration)

Medicine, Science and Technology, War, Military and Society


Global and Comparative