Slavery in Africa: History, Memory, and Methodology


From the precolonial era to the present, slavery has played a role in African societies.  Scholars debate the meaning of African slavery and continue to explore its legacy.  In this seminar we will analyze the history of slavery in Africa.  We will give particular attention to African experiences of slavery, while considering the methodological challenges of studying this topic by analyzing a variety of primary sources such as oral histories, legal texts, and colonial documents.  We will also delve into historiographical debates on African slavery, discuss the diverse forms of slavery and unfreedom, examine the impact of external slave trades on African slavery, explore slavery and its “ending” under colonial rule, and ruminate on the legacy and continuation of slavery today. 

Professor Stephanie Hassell

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Curriculum Codes: 

CZ, R, W

Theme (Concentration)

Human Rights and Social Movements


Africa & the Middle East