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Historia Nova features exceptional historical analysis from undergraduate students at Duke University and at institutions from across the United States and around the world, with the ultimate mission of showing that history is innovative, history is new, and history is ours, as our name would suggest.

Historia Nova is an undertaking by undergraduate students at Duke University. Duke University is not responsible for its contents.


Spring 2019


Fall 2018

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In This Issue

- The Samurai and the Swastika: German Popular Culture Images of Japan during the Nazi Era (Alan Ko)
- New York’s Taste of Sabotage: Waiters, Wobblies, “the Peculiar Industry,” and the Status of the Hotel Worker in the 1912-1913 New York City Hotel Workers’ Strike (James Wyatt Woodall)
- Gentlemanly Chaos: Social Standing and Mob Behavior in the Stamp Act Crisis (Jordan Jenkins)
- A Bag of Worms: Sociocultural, Political, Economic, and Historical Dimensions of Caterpillar Fungus Harvest (Annie Yang)
- "Eulenspiegel” in America: German Experiences of Internment in Fort Oglethorpe during the First World War (Karl Dargel)
- Nine Questions with Kate Brown (Michael Brunetti)