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Fahad Bishara

Third Book Prize for Fahad Bishara

Fahad Bishara, former PhD student in the department of history, has now won three book prizes for ...

What I Did This Summer?

A handful of graduate students received funding from the history department for summer research.  Below are reports on their experience!


Garrett McKinnon

The summer research grant from the History Department at Duke University helped reduce the cost of travel...

Nancy MacLean

Nancy MacLean's Op-Ed in "The Guardian"

Democrats where one invisible in state politics.  Those days are over....

You can read Nancy MacLean's latest op-ed here.

Julius Scott

Julius Scott's "The Common Wind" to be published November 2018

History Ph.D. graduate, Julius Scott's book The Common Wind will be in publication in late November by Verso Press.  The Chronicle of Higher Education wrote a short piece on how his book came to published.  You can read it...

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Kidd Joins Brazilianist Histories in Interpreting Election of Jair Bolsonaro

"Brazilianists Colin Snider, Courtney J. Campbell, and Gray F. Kidd joined Steven Hyland on Historias, the podcast for the Southeast Council for Latin American Studies (SECOLAS), to discuss the trajectory of...


Robert Franco named AAHHE Fellow

Robert Franco was recently named a graduate fellow of the American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education (AAHHE).

Ashton Merck

Ashton Merck awarded Cromwell Fellowship

Ashton Merck was awarded the William Nelson Cromwell Foundation Early Career Scholar Fellowship for her project, “The Fox Guarding the Henhouse.” This fellowship will primarily support the creation of original oral history interviews with the scientific experts and legal practitioners who...

Prof. Emeritus Syd Nathans featured on Blog Talk Radio

The National Archives hosted a Blog Talk Radio program with Black Roots Researchers, featuring Syd Nathans and the story behind "A Mind to Stay".   It also features three wonderful people who have traced their families back to the Stagville plantation in North Carolina, where his book's story...