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Cover of journal, Ethnohistory

Anderson Hagler published a journal article in "Ethnohistory"

PhD candidate, Anderson Hagler, recently published an article in the journal, Ethnohistory.  The article is titled, "Archival Epistemology: Honor, Sodomy, and Indians in the Eighteenth-Century New Mexico".   You can read the article...

Ashton Merck

Ashton Merck wins John E. Rovensky Fellowship

Ashton Merck won the 2019 John E. Rovensky Fellowship for her project, “The Fox Guarding the Henhouse: Coregulation and Food Safety in...

event flyer and Gray Kidd

Gray Kidd received GSTEG funding for 2018-2019 academic year

History's graduate student Gray Kidd received a Graduate Student Training Enhancement Grant for use during the 2018-2019 academic year. Read ...

Gray Kidd

Gray F. Kidd heading to Summer School in Critical Theory at the University of Bologna

Ph.D. candidate Gray F. Kidd will participate and present his research at the 2019 edition of the Summer School in Critical Theory at the University...

2019 Anne Firor Scott Award Winners

The following students are this year's recipients of the Anne Frior Scott Award.  This award is given to help undergraduate and graduate students engaged in research in women's history.

2019 Award Winner  

Bill Sharman

Bill Sharman publishes essay on refugees and human rights

Bill Sharman recently published an essay in Zeitgeschichte-Online entitled "...

Huijuan Li

Huijuan Li op-ed on #MeToo in China

Graduate student, Huijuan Li, published an op-ed on the #METoo movement in China.  You can read the article here.

What I Did This Summer?

A handful of graduate students received funding from the history department for summer research.  Below are reports on their experience!


Garrett McKinnon

The summer research grant from the History Department at Duke University helped reduce the cost of travel...