Graduate News

Eladio Bobadilla

Eladio Bobadilla writes op-ed on migrant crisis

Eladio Bobadilla published an op-ed in the Durham Herald on the current migrant crisis on the border.  You can read it here.

Travis Knoll

The Cost of Opportunity: Standing at the Intersection of the Avenues of Personal and Political

Travis Knoll, History Ph.D., candidate writes about his participation with the Bass Connections Project, "Cost of Opportunity".  You can read his article here.


Amanda Hughett wins the Law & Society Association’s Dissertation Prize

The Law & Society Association’s Dissertation Prize is awarded annually for the dissertation that best represents outstanding work in law and society. The 2018 winner is Amanda Hughett, a...

Tim Tyson

Tim Tyson receives the Robert D. Kennedy Book Award for 2018

Tim Tyson, a Duke History Ph.D. and faculty member at Duke's Center for Documentary Studies, has been awarded the Robert F. Kennedy Book Award for 2018 for  The Blood of Emmett Till.

Fahad Bisara wins the James Willard Hurst Prize

The James Willard Hurst Prize is awarded annually for the best work in sociolegal history - broadly defined - published in the previous year. The 2018 winner of the Hurst Prize is Professor Farhad Bishara, Assistant Professor of History at the University of Virginia, for A Sea of Debt: Law...

2018 Anne Firor Scott Award Winners

The following students are this year's recipients of the Anne Frior Scott Award.  This award is given to help undergraduate and graduate students engaged in research in women's history.

Eladio Bobadilla History - 5th Year Advisor: MacLean One People Without Borders: The Lost Roots of the...
Corinna Zeltsman wins prize for her dissertation

Corinna Zeltsman wins prize for her dissertation

The Latin American Studies Association’s nineteenth-century section awarded former Ph.D. student, Corinna Zeltsman, a prize for the best dissertation, “Ink under the Fingernails: Making Print in Nineteenth-Century Mexico...

Ashton Merck

Ashton Merck featured in "Inside Higher Ed"

Ph.D. candidate, Ashton Merck discussed her participation in Bass Connections at this year's annual AHA meeting.  Her presentation is featured in the article, "...

Travis Knoll

Travis Knoll writes article on the Braziliam Supreme Court

This article deals with the surprising unanimous 2012 decision to uphold racial quotas in Brazil's public universities. It argues that "the decision’s unanimity came from a constellation of metaphors and...