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Duke History Union: Nazism, Nationalism, and Populism, OCT. 25 @ 7 PM

Duke’s very own Dr. James Chappel will be dazzling the History Union with an enlightening talk on the origins and rise of nationalism and populism in Europe during the 1920s and 30s, while also relating these “old” ideologies to their surprising modern resurrection.

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Duke Historian Robert Durden Dies at 90

Longtime Duke history professor Robert Durden, who wrote the definitive study of the Duke family and the founding of Duke University, died March 4. He was 90. 


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Lentz-Smith Discusses Freedom Summer at the Durham Public Library

On Sunday, August 3, Adriane Lentz-Smith will lead a Q&A on "Freedom Song," a movie based on true stories of 1964's Freedom Summer, when students, local people, and civil groups led protests and voter registration drives across Mississippi.

The program begins at 3 pm, at the main...