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Prof. Emeritus Syd Nathans featured on Blog Talk Radio

The National Archives hosted a Blog Talk Radio program with Black Roots Researchers, featuring Syd Nathans and the story behind "A Mind to Stay".   It also features three wonderful people who have traced their families back to the Stagville plantation in North Carolina, where his book's story...

Cameron Wu writes article about the importance for GSF studies as an undergrad

Cameron Wu, a Duke undergraduate, recently wrote an article for The Muse about the importance for Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies as an undergraduate.  She is currently enrolled in Prof. Laura Edward's HIST 299 Women and Popular Culture.  You...

Marie Hicks

"Why tech’s gender problem is nothing new"

Duke alum, Prof Marie Hicks, publishes "Why tech’s gender problem is nothing new" in the  Marie recieved her PhD and MA in History at Duke.

Lucian Li

Lucian Li, History major, featured in blog

Lucian Li, a history and computer science double major, is featured in the Duke Research blog.  Read more here.

Travis Knoll

Travis Knoll publishes "Black Theological Politics from Obama to the Present"

Travis Knoll recently published an article entitled,   "Black Theological Politics from Obama to the Present" in


Ayanna Legros featured on NBC 6 in South Florida

Ayanna Legros was featured on NBC 6 in South Florida as a result of her article "As A Haitian-American Woman, I Know I’m Afro-Latina But It’s Time For You To Acknowledge It, Too"


Travis Knoll

History PhD candidate Travis Knoll receives Andrew Mellon Foundation Fellowship

Duke History PhD candidate Travis Knoll received an AY 2018-2019  Andrew Mellon Foundation-funded Social Science Research Council International Dissertation Research Fellowship. With this support, he will  pursue his...

Nancy MacLean

Nancy MacLean invited to Senate hearing on Janus

Nancy MacLean was invited by Senators Whitehouse and Stabenow and the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee to open a hearing entitled “After Janus v. AFSCME: Why Teachers and Workers are Fighting Back Against the Secret Money Campaign to Take Away Their Rights.” You can watch...

William Chafe

Bill Chafe writes op-ed "What happens when dedication to 'civility' is used as a basis for suppressing protest?"

Bill Chaf'e latest op-ed published in the Des Moines Register asks the question, "What happens when dedication to 'civility' is used as a basis for suppressing protest?"  You can read it...

Duke Chapel

The History that Duke Does Not Memorialize

By Laura Edwards

The history of Duke University is inseparable from the rich and conflicted history of the South, particularly the history of North Carolina.  But the campus captures and memorializes just one piece of this past—a piece that fundamentally misrepresents Duke University’s heritage...