Anne Firor Scott Award 2019

Anne F. ScottThe Anne Firor Scott Award is given to help students (undergraduates planning to take the History Senior Honors Seminar and graduates working on seminar projects or dissertations) engaged in research in women's history to spend time in archives and resource centers where they can use original historical materials. The application consists of the following:  1) a proposal of 2-3 pages addressed to the Anne Scott Award Committee, 2) current curriculum vitae or resume, (3) the completed application form.  The proposal should describe the student's overall project or the specific resource materials for study, as well as the reasons undertaking the project; the status of work already in process; a budget for requested funds; and explanation of other funds available to the student. 

Applications are due on Friday, March 22, 2019 by noon to Carla Ivey at Applicants will be notified by email the week of April 01, 2019.  Winners will be asked to report on the use of these funds and their work by Friday, September 6, 2019.