Ayanna Legros featured on NBC 6 in South Florida

Ayanna Legros was featured on NBC 6 in South Florida as a result of her article "As A Haitian-American Woman, I Know I’m Afro-Latina But It’s Time For You To Acknowledge It, Too"

Why I, A Haitian Woman Identify As Afro-Latina And Want My ...


As a New York City-born Haitian-American woman, I identify as Black, Caribbean-American and Afro-Latina. The latter seems to confuse people, including my fellow Latinx community, but it shouldn’t.

NBC 6 Voices: Identifying as Haitian and Afro-Latinx


A Haitian-American blogger sparked a debate on social after she wrote that she identifies as Afro-Latina and that her fellow Haitians should do the same.


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