History Hackathon

The first  History Hackathon involved about 20 undergraduate students in 5 teams. Their projects included two posters, two websites, and a documentary video. Topics ranged from an exploration of 19th century insane asylums, to the history of medicine, to police militarization, to the occupation of Duke's Allen Building in 1968.

The coverage from the Chronicle, took many photos, and received great testimonials from some of our participants.

Our winners:

  1. The Heretics: Behind Closed Doors: A Look Inside Insane Asylums of the 19th Century
  2. The Militarization of American Police
  3. Team Kay: Allen Building Takeover: Inherently Violent or Necessary Reaction?

Our two other teams also received smaller, unpaid awards for their projects' creativity or methodology.

We are currently planning to have a follow-up event in the Spring so that students can showcase their work and discuss the Hackathon.

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