Kristen Neuschel

Kristen Neuschel

Associate Professor of History

External address: 
233 Carr Bldg, Durham, NC 27708
Internal office address: 
Box 90719, Durham, NC 27708-0719
(919) 684-2437


Dr. Neuschel concentrates on late medieval and early modern France and Europe. Her current research focuses on war and culture in northern Europe between 1400 and 1600. She teaches courses in the history of war, of gender relations and surveys of the history of medieval and early modern Europe.

Education & Training

  • M.A., Brown University 1982

  • Ph.D., Brown University 1982

  • B.A., Denison University 1973

Selected Grants

Living by the Sword: The Changing Culture of War, 1400-1600 awarded by Josiah Charles Trent Memorial Foundation (Principal Investigator). 2007

Neuschel, K., T. Noble, B. Strauss, D. Osheim, and E. Accampo. Western Civilization: Beyond Boundaries, 2012.

Neuschel K, E. Western Civilization: The Continuing Experiment. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 2004.

Neuschel, K. “Martyrs and Murderers:The Guise Family and the Making of Europe.” H France 11 (2012).

Neuschel, K. B. “Teaching and the "telescoping" of history.” French Historical Studies 34, no. 1 (December 1, 2011): 47–55. Full Text

Benedict, P., L. M. Bryant, and K. B. Neuschel. “Graphic history: What readers knew and were taught in the Quarante tableaux of Perrissin and Tortorel.” French Historical Studies 28, no. 1 (March 1, 2005): 175–228.

Neuschel K, Lawrence M. “The Invention of Modern War,” 2003.

Fall 2020

War And Society (HISTORY 128)
Friedl Bdg 107, MW 03:05 PM-04:20 PM

Spring 2020

Focusing On Tchng & Pedagogy (HISTORY 703S)
Class Bldg 229, Th 01:25 PM-03:55 PM

Fall 2019

Gtwy Sem: Living/great War (HISTORY 186S)
Old Chem 003, MW 03:05 PM-04:20 PM

Spring 2019

Focusing On Tchng & Pedagogy (HISTORY 703S)
Bivins 214, W 01:25 PM-03:55 PM

Spring 2018

Focusing On Tchng & Pedagogy (HISTORY 703S)
Carr 135, W 01:25 PM-03:55 PM

Spring 2017

Gtwy Sem: Living/great War (HISTORY 186S)
West Duke 108A, MW 01:25 PM-02:40 PM

Fall 2014

First-Year Seminar (Top) (HISTORY 89S)
Carr 242, MW 01:25 PM-02:40 PM