United States & Canada

Course Number Title Curriculum Codes
HISTORY 119K Key Themes in American History CCI, CZ, EI, SS
HISTORY 121D American History to 1876 CZ
HISTORY 122D America from 1877 to the Present CZ, EI
HISTORY 156S Gateway Seminar: Cold War America CCI, CZ, EI, R, SS
HISTORY 186S Gateway Seminar: Living Through the Great War CCI, CZ, R, W
HISTORY130D American Dreams and American Realities CCI, CZ
HISTORY177S Gateway Seminar: The Meaning of Freedom in American History CZ, R, W
HISTORY181S Gateway Seminar: Native American History Through Autobiography CCI, CZ, R, SS, W
HISTORY183S Gateway Seminar: Civil Rights and Asian Americans CCI, CZ, EI, R, SS
HISTORY 284 Life Within Capitalism CZ, EI
HISTORY 309 Alexander Hamilton CCI, CZ
HISTORY 342 Making Modern America:The United States from 1898 to 1945 CCI, CZ, EI, SS
HISTORY 344 History of U.S. Social Movements, 1776 to Present CCI, CZ, EI, SS
HISTORY 390S-1 NC Jukebox- Digital Hist& Humanities CZ
HISTORY248S The Romance Novel: History, Culture, and Form ALP, CCI, CZ, W
HISTORY279 The Foundations of Modern Terrorism CCI, CZ
HISTORY299 Women and Popular Culture CCI, CZ, EI, SS
HISTORY313 Crime and the City from Dickens to The Wire ALP, CCI, EI, SS
HISTORY320S Slave Society in Colonial Anglo-America: The West Indies, South Carolina, and Virginia CCI, CZ, R
HISTORY331S Exploring Latino Identity in the Twentieth Century CCI, CZ, W
HISTORY335 United States Legal History CCI, CZ, R, SS
HISTORY336 North America to 1760 CCI, CZ, SS
HISTORY337 The Era of the American Revolution, 1760-1815 CCI, CZ, EI, SS
HISTORY338 The New Nation: The United States, 1800 to 1860 CZ, SS
HISTORY340 The Civil War and Reconstruction: The United States, 1850-1880 CZ, SS
HISTORY343 Modern America: The United States from 1930 to present CZ, SS
HISTORY344D Historical Perspectives on Public Policy: The United States from 1945 to the Present CZ, EI, SS
HISTORY345 North American Environmental History CZ, EI, STS
HISTORY346 Africans in America to the Civil War CCI, CZ, EI
HISTORY347 African Americans Since the Civil War CCI, CZ, EI
HISTORY348 The Civil Rights Movement CCI, CZ, EI, SS
HISTORY349 African American Women and History CCI, CZ
HISTORY350 African American Intellectual History, Twentieth Century CCI, CZ, W
HISTORY351 Islam in the Americas CCI, CZ, SS
HISTORY352 Immigrant Dreams, U.S. Realities: Immigration Policy History CCI, CZ, EI, SS
HISTORY353S Behind the Veil: Methods CCI, CZ, R
HISTORY354D Race: A World History CZ, EI, SS
HISTORY355S Documentary Research Methods ALP, R
HISTORY356S Freedom Stories: Documenting Southern Lives and Writing ALP, CCI, CZ
HISTORY357 The Insurgent South: Movements for Social Change Since the Civil War CZ, SS
HISTORY358 The South in Black and White ALP, CCI, CZ
HISTORY360 Imagining the North American West: History and Myth, 1850-Present CCI, CZ, SS
HISTORY361 United States Political History, 1789-1900 CZ, SS
HISTORY362 United States Political History, 1900 to the Present. CZ, SS CZ, SS
HISTORY364D American Business History CCI, CZ, R, W
HISTORY366 American Constitutional Law EI, SS
HISTORY367 Modern American Constitutional Development II SS
HISTORY369 History of Public Health in America CZ, R, STS
HISTORY370 Twentieth-Century American Medicine CCI, CZ, SS, STS
HISTORY374 Women, Gender, and Sexuality in U.S. History CCI, CZ, EI, SS, W
HISTORY375 United States Foreign Policy I: From World War II to Vietnam War. CCI, CZ, SS
HISTORY376 United States Foreign Policy II: From Vietnam War to the Present CCI, CZ, SS
HISTORY390S-01 Topics in Digital History & Humanities: NC Jukebox ALP, CZ, R
HISTORY 404 Women & The Law CCI, CZ, EI, SS
HISTORY 407 American Indians Since 1806 CCI, CZ
HISTORY411S Historicizing Whiteness CCI, CZ, EI, R, SS
HISTORY461S Capstone Seminar: Clothing and U.S. History CCI, CZ, SS, W
HISTORY465S Capstone Seminar: History of the U.S./Mexico Border, 18th to 20th centuries CCI, CZ, R, SS, W
HISTORY466S Capstone Seminar: The Militarization of the Western World CCI, CZ, R, SS
HISTORY469S Capstone Seminar: American Dreams/American Realities CCI, CZ, R
HISTORY470S Capstone Seminar: Leadership in American History CZ, EI, R
HISTORY477S Capstone Seminar: Regulating American Business: Historical Perspectives CZ, EI, R, SS, W
HISTORY481S Capstone Seminar: The Age of Jim Crow: Racial Segregation from Plessy (1896) to Brown (1954) CCI, CZ, EI, R
HISTORY482S Capstone Seminar: Post-Civil Rights America: The Search for Social Justice, 1968-Present CZ, EI, R
HISTORY487S Capstone Seminar: Immigration Policy History CZ, EI, R, SS, W
HISTORY546 History of Poverty in the United States CCI, CZ, SS
HISTORY562S Courts, Wars, Legacies of Wars R, SS
HISTORY567S American Grand Strategy CZ, R, SS, W