Economic & Business Cultures

Examines ideas about economic relations as well as the actual practices of the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.

Course Number Title Curriculum Codes
HISTORY 107D Introduction to the History of the Economic and Business Cultures CZ, EI, SS
HISTORY 123 Private Wealth and Public Giving: A Modern History CCI, CZ, EI, SS
HISTORY 152S Gateway Seminar: History at Sea CCI, CZ, R, SS, W
HISTORY 179S Gateway Seminar: Capitalism & Its Critics CZ, EI, R, W
HISTORY 188S Gateway Seminar: The Price of Sex- Gender and the Global Political Economy CZ, EI, R, SS, W
HISTORY 201 Globalization and History CCI, CZ, SS
HISTORY 202 Gender And Socialism CCI, CZ, EI, SS
HISTORY 282 End of Russian Socialism: History of Perestroika CCI, CZ, EI, SS
HISTORY 284 Life Within Capitalism CZ, EI
HISTORY 306 Introduction to Economic History CCI, CZ, SS
HISTORY 307 History of Economic Thought CCI, R, SS, W
HISTORY 308 Adam Smith and the System of Natural Liberty SS, STS
HISTORY 308S Adam Smith and the System of Natural Liberty SS, STS
HISTORY 310 The International Economy, 1850-Present: From Globalization to Globalization CCI, CZ, SS
HISTORY 311S Men, Women, And Sports CCI, CZ, SS, W
HISTORY 313 Crime and the City from Dickens to The Wire ALP, CCI, EI, SS
HISTORY 316S The Atlantic Slave Trade CCI, CZ, R
HISTORY 320S Slave Society in Colonial Anglo-America: The West Indies, South Carolina, and Virginia CCI, CZ, R
HISTORY 345 North American Environmental History CZ, EI, STS
HISTORY 353S Behind the Veil: Methods CCI, CZ, R
HISTORY 363 History of Capitalism in the United States EI, SS
HISTORY 364D American Business History CCI, CZ, R, W
HISTORY 365D The Modern Regulatory State CZ, EI, R, SS
History 390S-02 Extractive Economies CZ, SS, W
HISTORY 390S.03 Slavery and Capitalism: The Political Economy of Slavery and the Emergence of Modern Capitalism CCI, CZ, EI, SS, STS
HISTORY 454S Capstone Seminar: Globalization: Asia and Asian America CCI, CZ, R, SS, STS
HISTORY 461S Capstone Seminar: Clothing and U.S. History CCI, CZ, SS, W
HISTORY 477S Capstone Seminar: Regulating American Business: Historical Perspectives CZ, EI, R, SS, W
HISTORY 518S Treaty Ports of Nineteenth Century East Asia CCI, R, SS
HISTORY 519S The Society and Economy of Europe, 1400 - 1700 CCI, CZ, R
HISTORY 543S Piracy in the Atlantic Basin CCI, CZ, R, SS
HISTORY 546 History of Poverty in the United States CCI, CZ, SS
HISTORY 590S.01 Rethinking Care Economies CCI, EI, R