Frequently Asked Questions

How can my AP credits in History count towards the History major? 

You may count one Advanced Placement credit towards the 10-course major requirement. NOTE: This AP credit cannot be used to satisfy any Geographic Concentration requirement; the AP credit merely reduces the total number of courses by 1. Effective Fall 2017: AP courses will not count toward the major for students matriculating after Fall 2017.

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Do History courses I take while studying abroad or in summer school at another college count towards my major? 

One approved History course taken abroad or at another college may be counted towards the major. NOTE: Courses taken in any Duke abroad program (e.g. Duke in Florence, Duke in Berlin) are considered to have been taken at Duke and are not subject to the two-course limit for the major.

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What if I transfer to Duke from another college? Will I get credit toward the History major for courses I took before transferring? 

Students transferring to Duke from other schools can petition the Director of Undergraduate Studies for recognition of some or all of their previous history course work.

The History Department sets a relatively high standard in evaluating whether college-level courses completed at other institutions are acceptable as equivalent to courses taken in our department. Approval is not automatic and will be awarded only on a case-by-case basis. In no case will the department approve Duke credit for courses taken at community colleges.

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May I count courses cross-listed in other departments towards my History major?

Yes, you may count up to 3 history courses cross-listed with other departments towards your History major.

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How do I take an independent study? 

Independent Study (HISTORY 391/392) is usually undertaken by students concurrently with the Thesis Seminar or with an instructor with whom they have had a course. A proposal for directed reading and research should include a detailed description and a list of the proposed readings, and should result in a substantive paper or report. The form must be signed by the instructor and the director of undergraduate studies. Independent Study courses provide a unique opportunity for directed work in an area of special interest to students not available in the existing course offerings.

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I have decided to change my Major Concentration. Who do I contact? 

Email the Office of the University Registrar (

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