Alumni Stories

Denzell Faison '14 Highlights Duke's LGBTQ History

Denzell Faison '14 Highlights Duke's LGBTQ History

History major Denzell Faison (T '14) curated the exhibit, "Queering Duke's History," on display at Perkins Library until December 14. The exhibit grew out of a project co-advised by History's Professor Ray Gavins and by Dr....

Mary Tung Wins Aptman Prize

Mary Tung '14 has won the Lowell Aptman Prize for her honors thesis, "Bankrolling Apartheid: The Coins That Forged Modernity, Fostered Nationalism, and Funded Apartheid South Africa." The prize honors undergraduates who make excellent...

Ryan Brown '11 Publishes Book from Honors Thesis

Ryan Brown '11 Publishes Book from Honors Thesis

Duke History alumna Ryan Brown has published a book on the brilliant life of South African writer Nat Nakasa. The book, A Native of Nowhere: The Life of Nat Nakasa, grew out of Brown's  honors...

Amanda Garfinkel

Amanda Garfinkel feels that the History program at Duke, and the History of Medicine program in particular, has given her such a valuable and unique kind of preparation for medical school.

Alumni Profile: Alyssa Granacki

Alumni Profile: Alyssa Granacki

We asked Alyssa Granacki '11 what her History degree did for her. This is what she said:

"Five years ago when my mom asked me what I was going to do with my history major, I promptly responded: “Whatever I want.” I had no idea what that was, but it is, in fact, exactly what I have done....

Brence Pernell '08 History

Brence Pernell '08 History

2012 - Britney May was a short girl with a nose-piercing and multi-colored hair. She had a penchant for laughing and texting while I did my best to engage and challenge her and her classmates my first year teaching at a small school in South Carolina. It had been a rough first year of trial and...

Courtney Spence

How Duke History Classes Fostered Openness to Foreign Cultures - Courtney Spence

Duke alumna Courtney Spence found that history classes opened windows into the world. She translated those learning experiences into founding Students of the World, a nonprofit that empowers students mediamakers to share the stories of innovators and programs that tackle some of the globe's...

Rebecca Stone

Alumni Profile: Rebecca Stone

Rebecca Stone (2012) interned at the National Portrait Gallery and the Smithsonian Office of Government Relations this summer, where she helped restart an after-hours program, "Portaits After 5," as part of the internship.  Stone received a Mary Duke Biddle Foundation Grant for Summer...

Brence Pernell

Alumni Profile: Brence Pernell

Brence Pernell (2008) received his M.Ed. from the Harvard University School of Education in 2009. He currently teaches humanities at the Community Charter School of Cambridge, in Cambridge, Mass. This summer, he was selected to attend an NEH seminar for secondary teachers on Latino Identity at...