2019 History Honors Students

MICHAEL BRUNETTI (Highest Distinction)

“Rhodesian Sunset: Factional Politics, War and the Demise of an Imperial Order in British South Africa”

Advisor- Prof. Vasant Kaiwar


JAIR FROOME (Distinction)

“Black Citizenship, White Terrorism, and Federal Ambivalence in the Reconstruction South: 1865-1900”

Advisor- Prof. Adriane Lentz-Smith



“Making Memory Matter: The Asociación para la Recuperación de la Memoria Histórica and Spain’s Efforts to Reclaim the Past”

Advisor- Prof. Jocelyn Olcott



“Statehood in Hawaiʻi and Hawaiians in Statehood: The Missing Narrative in the Construction of the Fiftieth State”

Advisor- Prof. Sarah Deutsch


ALAN KO (Highest Distinction)

“Pathogens from the Pulpit: Missionary Perceptions of Disease in Colonial Korea (1910-1940)”

Advisor- Prof. Nicole Barnes


ANDREW LIN (Distinction)

“Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes: Innovation and Identity in Exile “

Advisor- Prof. Martin Miller


CHAD MUNGER (Distinction)

“Taming the Octopus: The Nationalization of U.S. Railroads in World War I”

Advisor- Prof. Giovanni Zanalda



“Strange Bedfellows: The Formation and Fragmentation of the Fusion Coalition in North Carolina”

Advisor- Prof. Reeve Huston


HANNAH ROGERS (High Distinction)

“Response and Responsibility: Justice and Societal Re-Imagination in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire”

Advisor- Prof. Laura Edwards


TIM STILES (Distinction)

“Neither Unknown nor Unspoken: Exploring Denmark’s Perception of its Colonial Activities in the Caribbean”

Advisor- Prof. Barry Gaspar


SISI TANG (Highest Distinction and Laprade Prize Winner)

“Emotional Bodies: Gendering Emotional Pathology in late-Ming Literary Medicine”

Advisor- Prof. Nicole Barnes


CULLEN TYNDALL (Highest Distinction and Laprade Prize Winner)

“From the Pulpit to the Basement: Jim Jones, Jerry Falwell, and the Place of Queerness in American Protestant Practice during the Late Twentieth Century”

Advisor- Prof. Jenny Wood-Crowley


ROEY VARDI (High Distinction)

“Brigadistas from Mandatory Palestine: A Jewish History”

Advisor- Prof. Malachi Hacohen


TREY WALK (Distinction)

“The History of Public Housing in Durham”

Advisor- Prof. Robert Korstad


GRANT WEN (High Distinction)

“Hues of Healing: Reconstructing Chinese Immigrant Identity through Medicine”

Advisor- Prof. Nicole Barnes


ELLE WINFIELD (Distinction)

“Soldiers of Fortune: The United States & the Rise of Private Military Contracting 1950-2010”

Advisor- Prof. Martin Miller


JULIA WOHL (Distinction)

“Observer Effects: The Power and Vulnerability of the Slaveholder’s Surveillance Network”

Advisor- Prof. Thavolia Glymph


NEIL WU (Distinction)

“Actions and Receptions of the Knights Templar from 1118-1192”

Advisor- Prof. Mary Jane Morrow


PARKER YAGMAN (Distinction)

“Revolutionary Time: France’s Republican Calendar, 1793-1805”

Advisor- Prof. John Martin