Meet Our Alumni

City of Chicago, Office of the Mayor — Chicago, Illinois

"If we don't understand where we're coming from as a society, we are missing out on making a bigger impact tomorrow."

Netflix — Los Angeles, California

"My biggest advice would be to take advantage of the breadth of topics history offers and take classes whose topic area interests you."

University of South Carolina — Columbia, South Carolina

"Being a history student at Duke taught me how to be a process-oriented, research-driven critical thinker. "

University of Houston Libraries — Houston, Texas

"A history degree opens a variety of doors..."

AVIA — Chicago, Illinois

"My history degree taught me how to take complex information from opposing viewpoints and distill it down to a clear and compelling story."

Student — Warren Alpert School of Medicine at Brown University

"The History department is incredibly diverse, so you should take advantage of it — above and beyond your concentration."


"...the department taught me how to write very well and to think critically which I think is something I apply on a daily basis."


Diligent Corporation — New York, New York

"Studying History at Duke allowed me to hone many different skills including research, attention to detail, and learning to approach a viewpoint from different angles."

Duke University School of Law — Durham, North Carolina

"The writing and researching skills that the history major teaches, not to mention the increasingly rare knowledge of the past, are timeless."

Vox Media — New York, New York

"As a history major focusing on the Americas, I learned how to think through abstract concepts, dissect a topic, and find relevance to the here and now."

Major League Baseball — New York, New York

"If you study and do what you love, work hard at it, and continually demonstrate your'll be A-okay :)"

Hubert Department of Global Health, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University — Atlanta, Georgia

"I think as a History major you learn two very valuable skills — perspective and creative analysis."

Kessinger Hunter Commercial Real Estate — Kansas City, Missouri

"(I learned the) importance of networking."

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) — Miami, Florida

"I think Economics and History were a great combination to learn both quantitative and qualitative skills while in undergrad."

NYC Department of Small Business Services — New York, New York

"My degree taught me to be flexible in my jobs and made me predisposed to searching for fresh ways of analysis."

Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens — Washington, D.C.

"My Duke History degree is the foundation of my career and I would not be where I am without it."

Oracle Corporation — Reston, Virginia

"(Duke History) helped me hone my research and writing skills which have been useful in my current position and will continue to provide value..."

Three Span Oil & Gas, Inc. — Midland, Texas

"My history degree has served me extremely well, both in how I employ my liberal arts thinking ... and in developing my communication skills..."