Meet Our Alumni

Mary Kate Cash

Diligent Corporation — New York, New York

"Studying History at Duke allowed me to hone many different skills including research, attention to detail, and learning to approach a viewpoint from different angles."

University of South Carolina — Columbia, South Carolina

"Being a history student at Duke taught me how to be a process-oriented, research-driven critical thinker. "

Shannon Adams

Student — Warren Alpert School of Medicine at Brown University

"The History department is incredibly diverse, so you should take advantage of it — above and beyond your concentration."

Alison Pantano


"...the department taught me how to write very well and to think critically which I think is something I apply on a daily basis."


Leonard Popplewell

Kessinger Hunter Commercial Real Estate — Kansas City, Missouri

"(I learned the) importance of networking."

Matthew Pilnik

Senior Consultant at Deloitte — Dallas, Tex.

"History taught me how to find/understand, analyze, and leverage the context of a situation/story to draw conclusions and make decisions."

Michael Schwartz

Financial Advisor at Northeast Planning Corporation — Cranford, NJ

"It is impossible to predict in college where your career may lead you; the skills that the History department provides are applicable to so many careers!"

Alexander Shapanka

NYC Department of Small Business Services — New York, New York

"My degree taught me to be flexible in my jobs and made me predisposed to searching for fresh ways of analysis."

Mea Warren

University of Houston Libraries — Houston, Texas

"A history degree opens a variety of doors..."

Cara Buchicchio

Oracle Corporation — Reston, Virginia

"(Duke History) helped me hone my research and writing skills which have been useful in my current position and will continue to provide value..."

Senior Business Analyst, Abercrombie & Fitch — New Albany, Ohio

"Choose a path within History that interests you and take away the major themes that are discussed."

Timothy Schulte

AVIA — Chicago, Illinois

"My history degree taught me how to take complex information from opposing viewpoints and distill it down to a clear and compelling story."

Elizabeth Blackwood

Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens — Washington, D.C.

"My Duke History degree is the foundation of my career and I would not be where I am without it."

Sanette Tanaka

Vox Media — New York, New York

"As a history major focusing on the Americas, I learned how to think through abstract concepts, dissect a topic, and find relevance to the here and now."

Rachel Rodriguez

Senior Producer, CNN International — London, UK

"Ignore the people who say 'what in the world are you going to do with a history degree?'"


Vice President - Investor, Pacific Lake Partners — San Mateo, Calif.

"There are paths out of a History major besides historian and lawyer. Be opportunistic and take a leap of faith - life is more fun that way, and you can still end up doing well."

Duke University School of Law — Durham, North Carolina

"The writing and researching skills that the history major teaches, not to mention the increasingly rare knowledge of the past, are timeless."

Bethany Hill

Head of Communications for CommonBond — New York, NY

"I would encourage History students to take a history course on a topic that has absolutely nothing to do with their primary focus of study."

Head of Upper School, Lancaster Country Day School — Lancaster, PA

"(My degree) has helped place me in a position to move up to administrative roles earlier than most."

Associate Attorney, Spencer Fane

"I received my first job offer without even applying because of the Duke name."