Meet Our Alumni

Clinician Instructor, University of Colorado School of Medicine — Aurora, CO

"My History degree helped prepare me for the rigors of graduate school, especially the research required as a part of my graduate degree."

Elizabeth Brake

Director, Ohio for Venture for America

"We often talk about being “entrepreneurial” in your career, but that doesn't mean you have to start a business. For Ph.D. students, being entrepreneurial is much more about being open-minded and being deliberate about building relationships with people."

University of South Carolina — Columbia, South Carolina

"Being a history student at Duke taught me how to be a process-oriented, research-driven critical thinker. "

Heidi Scott Giusto

Writing Consultant and Entrepreneur

"If you need an additional skill, pursue it – but do not use it as a form of procrastination. You are at Duke: there are classes you can take and job opportunities that can help you refine your abilities."

Mea Warren

University of Houston Libraries — Houston, Texas

"A history degree opens a variety of doors..."

Matt Saternus

Fire Fighter for Town of Cinero, Illinois

"My time at Duke didn't directly lead to my current occupation, but it shaped me as a person beyond measure."

Luke Constable

Founder & Managing Member, Lembas Capital – San Francisco, CA

Mary Kate Cash

Diligent Corporation — New York, New York

"Studying History at Duke allowed me to hone many different skills including research, attention to detail, and learning to approach a viewpoint from different angles."

Vice President, Evercore — New York, NY

"A Duke education is world class and you can’t easily make up for liberal arts education."

Head of Upper School, Lancaster Country Day School — Lancaster, PA

"(My degree) has helped place me in a position to move up to administrative roles earlier than most."

Three Span Oil & Gas, Inc. — Midland, Texas

"My history degree has served me extremely well, both in how I employ my liberal arts thinking ... and in developing my communication skills..."

Shannon Adams

Student — Warren Alpert School of Medicine at Brown University

"The History department is incredibly diverse, so you should take advantage of it — above and beyond your concentration."

Netflix — Los Angeles, California

"My biggest advice would be to take advantage of the breadth of topics history offers and take classes whose topic area interests you."

Senior Manager, Corporate Development, General Motors — Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany

"Studying history sharpened my ability to develop and convey a position based on principled analysis, supported by quantitative evidence."

Edward Fife

COO for RegTechLab — Washington, DC

"(With a History major) you will have considerable skills that transfer well to any number of fields and you should be confident in their value."

Becki Feinglos Planchard

City of Chicago, Office of the Mayor — Chicago, Illinois

"If we don't understand where we're coming from as a society, we are missing out on making a bigger impact tomorrow."

Mallory Ellingson, MPH

Hubert Department of Global Health, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University — Atlanta, Georgia

"I think as a History major you learn two very valuable skills — perspective and creative analysis."

Rachel Rodriguez

Senior Producer, CNN International — London, UK

"Ignore the people who say 'what in the world are you going to do with a history degree?'"

Senior Business Analyst, Abercrombie & Fitch — New Albany, Ohio

"Choose a path within History that interests you and take away the major themes that are discussed."

Sarah Barnes

Major League Baseball — New York, New York

"If you study and do what you love, work hard at it, and continually demonstrate your'll be A-okay :)"