2020 History Honors Students

HELENA GUENTHER (Highest Distinction and Laprade Prize Winner)
As White As Their Masters: The White Slave in Antebellum Abolitionist Propaganda
Advisor - Prof. Thavolia Glymph

NORA HAFEZ (Distinction)
Radical Reform Movements in Kansas, 1890 - 1914
Advisors - Prof. Sally Deutsch & Prof. Reeve Huston

LEXI KADIS (Distinction)
The Professional Formation of Isabella Bird: A Victorian Woman Travel Writer, 1831 – 1904
Advisor - Prof. Susan Thorne

SAMI KIRKPATRICK (High Distinction)
“The Secret Police and You:
The Communist Party of Great Britain and 1956
Advisor - Prof. James Chappel

LUCIAN LI (Highest Distinction)
Knowing the Empire: Indology and the Imperial Entanglements of Max Muller and Monier Williams, 1850-1900
Advisor - Prof. Vasant Kaiwar

THANH NGUYEN (Highest Distinction)
From Industrial Society to Imagined Communities: Theorizing Nationalism, 1960-1990
Advisors - Prof. James Chappel

GINO NUZZOLILLO (High Distinction)
The Organized Community: Visions of the New South in Black Atlanta, 1880-1922
Advisor - Prof. Sally Deutsch

“The Transformation of Anorexia in 19th Century Britain: Victorian womanhood and cultures of the body

Advisor - Prof. Jehangir Malegam

TANYA RIORDAN (Distinction)
The Russian Nobility in the Aftermath of the Russian Revolution: An exploration of the three waves of Russian emigration to Japan from 1916-1936
Advisor - Prof. Anna Krylova

LUCIA ZERBINO (High Distinction)
“From Terroist to President in a Latin American Switzerland: Love and Hatred in a Fractured Land
Advisor - Prof. John French