Capstone Seminars

Number Title Codes
HISTORY 454S Capstone Seminar - Globalization: Asia and Asian America CCI, R, STS, CZ, SS
HISTORY 457S Capstone Seminar: Maroon Societies in America CCI, R, CZ
HISTORY 464S Capstone Seminar: Geopolitics of War and Empire in the Modern World R, W, CZ, SS
HISTORY 467S Capstone Seminar: Russia-USSR-Russia: History of Communism CCI, EI, R, CZ, SS
HISTORY 468S Capstone Seminar: Literature & Terrorism CCI, EI, R, ALP, CZ
HISTORY 469S Capstone Seminar: Islamic Law In History CCI, R, CZ
HISTORY 470S Capstone Seminar: Leadership in American History EI, R, CZ
HISTORY 471S Capstone Seminar: Latin American Left Turns: A New Politics for the 21st Century? CCI, R, W, CZ, SS
HISTORY 472S Capstone Seminar: Russia in World War II CCI, R, CZ, SS
HISTORY 476S Capstone Seminar: American Militarism EI, R, W, CZ, SS
HISTORY 482S Capstone Seminar: Post-Civil Rights America: The Search for Social Justice, 1968-Present EI, R, W, CZ
HISTORY 488S Capstone: Research in Human Rights R, W
HISTORY 490S Seminars in Special Topics
HISTORY 495S Senior Thesis Seminar R, W, CZ
HISTORY 496S Senior Thesis Seminar R, W, CZ
HISTORY 501S History of Sexuality CCI, CZ, SS
HISTORY 507S Asian Studies: Critical Introduction to Knowledge Fields and Methodologies CCI, CZ, SS
HISTORY 514S Culture and Environment in Modern Chinese History CCI, EI, STS, CZ, SS
HISTORY 520S Microhistory CCI, R, W, CZ, SS
HISTORY 522S Jerusalem after Rome CCI, R, W, CZ
HISTORY 525S Corporate Empires CCI, R, CZ
HISTORY 526S Columbus: A Global History CCI, R, W, CZ
HISTORY 531S Art and the Holocaust: Architecture, Art, and Cultural Politics during the Nazi Period CCI, EI, ALP, CZ
HISTORY 537S Post War Europe, 1945-1968: Politics, Society, and Culture CCI, EI, STS, CZ, SS
HISTORY 548S Global History of Medicine CCI, EI, STS, CZ
HISTORY 549S Histories of Science and Technology CCI, STS, CZ, SS
HISTORY 550S Life Stories: How to Write Them, What They Mean CCI, R, W, CZ, SS
HISTORY 553S Urban Histories in Global, Comparative, and Historical Perspective CCI, CZ