2021 History Honors Students

Lizzie Bond (Highest Distinction)
But A Woman, Before Men to Plead’: Seventeenth-Century Female Petitioning Across the British Isles and Atlantic World”
Advisor: Professor Philip J. Stern
Jamal Burns (Highest Distinction and Laprade Prize Winner)
“From Bad To G.R.E.A.T: Juvenile Delinquency and Racialized Reform Pedagogy in Durham, NC 1937-2017”
Advisor: Professor Peter Sigal
Cameron Forbes (High Distinction)
“Collaboration & Conflict: The Historical Transition in Midwifery, 1600-1800”
 Advisors: Professors Anna Krylova and Thomas Robisheaux
Caroline Johnson (Distinction)
 “Casting a Revolution: Radical Witches in 20th Century America”
Advisor: Professor Jocelyn Olcott
Julia Marano (High Distinction)
“What Constitutes a Missionary? Roberto de Nobili, Bartholomäus Ziegenbalg, and William Carey”
 Advisor: Professor Philip J. Stern
Braelyn Parkman (High Distinction)
“Something in the Water: A History of Coal Ash In North Carolina”
Advisor: Professor Edward J. Balleisen
Allegra Smith (High Distinction)
“Bridging the Gender Gap: A History of Women’s Electoral Politics, 1970-2000”
Advisor: Professor Nancy MacLean