Methods Lab Series

Methods Lab's goal is to build intellectual community among our graduate students and faculty by hosting events that bring graduate students into conversation with Duke faculty, alumni of our PhD program, and historians more generally. Among events Methods Lab hosts are book and article conversations, dissertation chapter workshops, panels devoted to questions of historical theory and methodology.

Spring 2023:  Jobie Hill, Methods Labs Assistant; Anna Krylova and Calvin Cheung-Miaw, Faculty Advisors

Upcoming Events

News of Past Events

"From Dissertation to Book" featured Corinna Zeltsman, Assistant Professor of History at Princeton University and author of the award-winning Ink Under the Fingernails: Printing Politics in Nineteenth Century Mexico. Prof. Zeltsman provided an overview of her book, which takes printers seriously as historical actors and thinkers in order to revise conventional accounts of liberal state formation and of the emergence of modern public spheres. Prof. Zeltsman also discussed how she revised her dissertation into a book… read more about Methods Lab: From Dissertation to Book »

The first Methods Lab of the Fall 2022 semester occurred on September 12, 2022.  Featured, was a discussion of the "Civil Rights in Black and Brown Oral History Project" with Project Director Max Krochmal, Assistant Professor of History at Texas Christian University and distinguished alum of our PhD program (2011).  Jessica Muñiz served as discussant.  Calvin Cheung-Miaw acted as Chair.   "Civil Rights in Black and Brown Oral History Project" with Max Krochmal… read more about Methods Lab: Civil Rights in Black and Brown Oral History Project »