2018 History Honors Students

BRENNAN STEELE (High Distinction)
“'Our Future is in Our Own Hands': Black Educational Activism in Tennessee, 1865-1890"
Advisor - Prof. Adriane Lentz-Smith

"Black Discourses in North Carolina, 1890-1902: How North Carolina’s Black Politicians and Press Narrated and Influenced the Tumultuous Era of Fusion Politics"
Advisor - Prof. Nancy MacLean

STANCA IACOB (Distinction)
"Worker, Mother, Socialist: The Making of the Romanian Communist Woman, 1965 – 1975"
Advisor - Prof. James Chappel

KATHY JOHNSON (Distinction)
"To Be Constantly Reimagined: The Creation of Mexican Identity in San Antonio, 1929-1934"
Advisor - Prof. Sarah Deutsch

KYRA JOSEPHSON (Distinction)
"Global Kodak: The Instamatic, Family Values, and Kodak’s Marketing Strategy, 1950-1970"
Advisor - Prof. James Chappel

HUNTER MCGHEE (Distinction)
"Constitutional Compromise: Roger Sherman, James Wilson, and the Three-Fifths Clause"
Advisor - Prof. Thavolia Glymph

JAMES PIERPOINT (High Distinction)
"Charlotte’s Integration Era: The Life and Death of Court-Mandated Busing, 1971-1999"
Advisor - Prof. Susan Thorne

ELIZABETH BARAHONA (Highest Distinction)
"The History of Latinx Students at Duke University"
Advisor - Prof. Sarah Deutsch

YIFAN SONG (Distinction)
"American Perceptions of Sino-Soviet Relations, 1944–1963"
Advisor - Prof. Jack Matlock

CARRIE WANG (Highest Distinction)  [Winner of the Laprade Prize]
"Birthing-Room Narratives: The English Midwife and Her Entrance into Academia, 1649-1688"
Advisor - Prof. Thomas Robisheaux