Global Education

The History department supports students’ interest in studying abroad. Learning in a foreign country changes what questions we think to ask – of the past and of ourselves. For students committed to getting the most out of their time abroad, history coursework provides a solid for foundation for understanding a country, its peoples, and its ties to the larger world.

Study abroad also offers students interested in writing senior honors thesis a chance to hone language skills and explore foreign archives.

How to get Credit for History Courses taken Abroad

You must get approval for your study abroad program. Approval runs through the Global Education Office, and you should consult with them to see their Approved Program List. Global Ed also keeps a database of approved courses. All approved study abroad history courses can be used to meet geographical and thematic requirements. The Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) or your faculty advisor can determine how individual courses meet those requirements. For this to happen, you need to bring syllabi and relevant course materials to your advisor or the DUS so that s/he can judge how the course fulfills departmental requirements. Please be aware that the DUS cannot make this evaluation without seeing course materials. Do not leave this step until the last minute.

For Duke-administered Abroad Programs

If you participate in a Duke abroad program like Duke in France or Duke in Florence, your courses transfer back automatically and are counted as though you took them at Duke. For History majors, this means that these courses are not counted against your two allowed "transfer courses" for the major.

For Non-Duke Abroad Programs

For history courses taken in a non-Duke abroad program, all courses already approved for transfer credit back to Duke are listed in the Global Education Office's Course Approval Database. For any other course, you must fill out an approval request and submit it WITH documentation concerning the course to the Global Education Office. Remember that courses from any non-Duke abroad program will count as "transfer courses." One transfer course is allowed for the major.