House Course Application Approval Guidelines

Applications can be submitted at any time. An endorsement by the supervising faculty, explaining the place of the course in the History curriculum, should be included. Signature page, including approvals, are generated at the end of the each application. (See House Course application.)

The Assistant to the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Lauren Hodrick, will accept all House Course application forms and syllabi, accompanied by faculty endorsement, and submit for approval.

Please send completed application form, along with course syllabus, to 1 week prior to Trinity‚Äôs application deadlines. This will ensure that your application form is approved and signed in a timely manner by our sponsoring faculty. Failure to abide by these departmental guidelines can result in your request not being accommodated for approval. Once approved and signed by our Chair and Director of Undergraduate Studies, please return to 011 Allen by application deadline.