2022 History Honors Students

AUSTIN CONNORS (High Distinction)
“A Diplomatic Sequel to the War of the Triple Alliance (1864-1870): United States President Rutherford b. Hayes’ 1878 arbitration for Paraguay and Argentina”
Advisor: John D. French

“Controlling the Narrative: An Analysis of Latinx Racialization in North Carolina”
Advisor: Cecilia Marquez

ZOE GEZELTER (Distinction)
“The Art of Cold War Women: An Investigation of Gender, HUAC, and Blacklists”
Advisor: James Gregory Chappel

RAYHAN JHANJI (Distinction)
“Send in the Sweepers: An Analysis of Filth and Cholera in Colonial India”
Advisor: Nicole Elizabeth Barnes

ZAC JOHNSON (Distinction)
“Crazed When Free? Racing ‘racial criminal pathologization’ in North Carolina’s General Statutes from 1971-2000”
Advisor: Sarah Jane Deutsch

CAROLINE KINCAID (High Distinction)
“Duke University in the Age of Vietnam: A Story of Protest, Accommodation, and Moderation, 1967-1971”
Advisor: James Gregory Chappel

CYDNEY LIVINGSTON (Highest Distinction)
““Our Seeds Sprouted”: The Human Betterment League of North Carolina, 1947 – 1988”
Advisor: Evan Hepler-Smith

“Black Erasure: Urban Renewal Policies in Charlotte, North Carolina”
Advisor: William H. Chafe

THOMAS MURPHY (Highest Distinction)
“Soldiers of Yellowstone: The Role of the U.S. Army in the World’s First National Park”
Advisor: Juliana Barr

“Latin America in the Shadow of Europe? Exploring the Enduring Linkage between Simón Bolívar and Napoleon Bonaparte”
Advisor: John D. French

ANDREW RAINES (William T. Laprade Prize, Highest Distinction)
““The Word of God in the Hearts of All Men”: Hans Denck and Anabaptist Universalism”
Advisor: Thomas Robisheaux

OLIVIA RENEAU (High Distinction)
““100 Dollars and Other Valuable Considerations”: An Analysis of Black Generational Land Ownership in Wilmington, NC”
Advisor: Adriane D. Lentz-Smith

KERRY RORK (Highest Distinction)
“A New England in all but name”: Institutional and Intellectual Manifestations of Settler Colonialism at Trinity College, Dublin
Advisor: Philip J. Stern

AARON SLUTKIN (High Distinction)
“Bob Zellner and Southern White Activism in the Student Movement Against Jim Crow”
Advisor: William H. Chafe

CASSANDRA STECKER (Highest Distinction)
“Forgetting to Remember: The Creation of Seventeenth-Century French Calvinist Identities under the Edict of Nantes”
Advisor: Thomas Robisheaux

HANNAH THURSTON (High Distinction)
“Gendering the Conservative Party’s Rise from the Ashes, 1945-51”
Advisor: Susan Thorne