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Historia Nova features exceptional historical analysis from undergraduate students at Duke University and at institutions from across the United States and around the world, with the ultimate mission of showing that history is innovative, history is new, and history is ours, as our name would suggest.

Historia Nova is an undertaking by undergraduate students at Duke University. Duke University is not responsible for its contents.

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Spring 2023

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In This Issue

- Preface (James Chappel, Incoming Director of Undergraduate Studies)

- Letter from the Editors (Patrick Duan)

- A Culture of Cleansing: An Analysis of the Persistent Ubiquity of Limpieza Social in Colombia, Since 1990 (Benjamin Goodwin, University College London)

- ‘The Moment of Truth’: Cold War Civil Rights in Birmingham, Alabama, 1963 (William Johnson, University of Southampton)

- Black Intellectuality: Challenging Conventions of Belonging in STEM (Rebekah Kristal, Brandeis University)

- Writing Against the Decentralization Thesis: Towards a New Approach to the Study of Power in the Ottoman Long Eighteenth Century (Julian Polanski, Simon Fraser University)

- ‘Woe to the Coolie’: Conceptualising Relationality, Class Conflict, and Regimes of Control in Colonial Sumatra’s Plantation Belt (Kai Siallagan, Queen’s University)


Spring 2022

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