2018 Anne Firor Scott Award Winners

The following students are this year's recipients of the Anne Frior Scott Award.  This award is given to help undergraduate and graduate students engaged in research in women's history.

Eladio Bobadilla History - 5th Year
Advisor: MacLean
One People Without Borders: The Lost Roots of the Immigrants' Rights Movement, 1954-1994
Aaron Colston History - 4th Year
Advisor: Deutsch
Read the Word, Change the World: The Politics of Literacy in the US and Brazil, 1945-1970
Bryce Gessell Philosophy - 4th Year
Advisor: Janiak
Emilie du Chatelet's Essai sur l'optique: A Forgotten Chapter in the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists
Anna Merryman MedRen (2019)
Advisor: Robisheaux
Women in the Reformation
James Nealy History - 4th Year
Advisor: Krylova
Socialist Modernity and Labor, 1960 - 1980s
Felicity Palma MFA/EDA (2019)
Advisor: Kaul & Rankin
The Woman of Miracles
Kasia Stempniak Romance St (2019)
Advisor: Bell
Outfitting Paris: Fashion, Space, and the Body in Nineteenth-Century French Literature
Sisi Tang History-Biology Junior
Advisor: Barnes
Fabricating Fuke: Women, Medicine, and Buddhism

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